I’m going to be honest, blogging is scary, so scary. I have it set in my mind that is it hard and seriously, I psych myself out. Do you know how long I’ve sat here trying to start this? My mind is faster than my hands and even if I reread my work I will still miss words. I know I won’t always be grammatically correct, but I do know I will be real. So that leads me to the internal conflict of what angle am I going to take this blog. I jump back and forth on whether I keep this only business and keep my personal life personal. Does that really exist? This separation of personal and business. In my heart? No, my personal life and business life comingle so much that it will be too difficult separate. Allowing myself to share the successes as well as struggles of work/life balance will be a step that I’m hesitant to take, but I’ve already gone this far so I might as well jump in! This picture is the culmination of my exploration and leap into wedding and event planning. I’ve always been a planner and this was the ultimate reward on a wonderful day! I want everyone I partner with to feel the joy that we felt that day! Welcome to my blog! I can’t wait to share the excitement I have for event planning with you!

Margie Merchant of Indigo Wedding and Events