Congratulations on your engagement!


You are about to begin your exciting journey to becoming partners in marriage. Once the engagement is announced to your family and friends, the questions start to pour in: When are you getting married? Where will it be? Who are the bridesmaids? Who are the groomsmen? Do you know where you will shop for a dress? When is the date again? Where will you honeymoon? How will you decorate?

Before you jump into the planning phases remember to enjoy the newness of the being engaged, it is such an exciting time!

When you’re ready to move from newly engaged to let’s plan a wedding, let Indigo Wedding & Events assist you by keeping the energy positive, coordinating the details and implementing the wedding day you envisioned.

Indigo Wedding & Events currently offers three customizable wedding planning packages:

Day of Coordination

This is perfect for the couple who has most of the excitement & wedding planning under control. Let Indigo Wedding & events step in to help on the most important day, Your Wedding Day! We are there to keep things running smoothly and allow the both of you, your family, and friends to have a memorable day filled with joy and love.

Partial Planning/Month of Coordination

If you love the planning phase and have all your vendors chosen and just need some assistance during the last month? Let us take the stress and anxiety away! We will tie up any loose ends and finalize the details of the day you’ve envisioned.

Full Planning

From the “let’s plan this wedding” to the post wedding day brunch, Indigo Wedding & Events will guide you through the planning elements of your event such as vendor consultations to selection, budget management, event logistics, design installation, RSVP management, and so much more!


Where Do I Start?

I’ve been a business owner for several years and thankfully it helped launch me into the right direction for this business. BUT is this really what I want to do? I’ve been in project management [...]



The color indigo is the color of intuition and perception and is helpful in opening the third eye (our ability to see potential). It promotes deep concentration during times of introspection and meditation, helping you achieve deeper levels of consciousness. It relies on intuition rather than gut feeling. Structure creates identity and meaning for indigo as well as an ability to plan for the future.

Day of Coordination


Review Vendor Details

Ceremony/Reception Set-Up & Coordination

Assist With Tear Down

Partial Planning/Month of Coordination

Includes Day of Coordination Service

Pre-Wedding Organization

Rehearsal Coordination

Post Reception Selection/Coordination & Set-Up

Full Planning

Includes Partial Planning/Month of Coordination Services

Ceremony/Reception/Vendor Selection

Budget Management

RSVP Management

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